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URL Shortner enables user to shortened there lenghty URLS within seconds. Leonas offers url shortner Service for Corporates and brands. Most text messages which are Used for SMS Marketing are pretty lengthy and can eat up characters, this is why most SMS Marketing Companies use url shortner Service, that makes long URLs short, which is very beneficial for SMS marketing. Our url shortner service comes with Pre-hosted VPS or Dedicated Server which can manage thousands of URLs of your Company with ease.

Advantages of SMS with url shortner:

  • Brand Marketing

    Companies can include an image, docs, audios or video that reproduces the brand of the products and services in a better way which helps in increasing variability of the product.

  • Cost Effective Results

    Sending latest updates about your company products/services through url shortner Service is cost effective strategy as compared with other traditional marketing strategies.

  • Generate Impressions

    Due to wide usage of internet along with vast development of smart phones and in society, there is a tremendous scope for the companies to replicate the products or services in an remarkable way like ever before. SMS with url shortner helps to create perpectual results and bring more impressions from customer.

  • Create unique links to track recipients

    In url shortner Service, original URLs are converted in real-time and unique URLs. So, if you are sending to a single person or a million people, your contact in database will get the same link which makes it easier to track recipients at individual level.

URL Shortner

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