IVR Calls

IVR Calls

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services are communication techniques through which artificial intelligence are able to identify various touch tones by using normal phone calls. IVR services help companies to get linked to the database so that they can get the required information of customers from it. There are lots of ways in which Loenas, IVR services in Hyderabad can be used, some of which are discussed below.

Advantages of using Leonas IVR Call services by Companies:

  • Auto-reception Technology

    When there are a lot of departments to handle in a particular firm, the IVR services can receive the call and then transfer it to the relevant department to sort out the problem in the right way.

  • Telephonic Alert To Customer

    Companies only need to connect their database to the IVR and call alerts will be send to all their respected clients whose phone number are in the database.

  • First Contact Resolution

    IVR services increases 1st contact resolution because the caller is redirected to the relevant person who is able to deal with the individual need in the right way possible. This helps the brands to convert the customer easily.

  • Customer Service Efficiency

    Brands who integrate IVR services are more efficient at solving certain issues and fulfilling certain needs of the clients.

  • Reduce Operational Cost of Company

    IVR services are also quite affordable, as it replaces the traditional customer services and receptionist who answer the calls. Interactive Voice Response Method also increases efficiency and lower operational cost of company.

IVR Calls

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