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Bulk SMS Services in Delhi

Leonas It Solutions Bulk SMS Services has high potential and opts only for quality and premium Bulk SMS Services. Leonas has a good client base all over India. Leonas provides a high Quality Bulk SMS Services in India with affordable price, got dedicated and hardworking in house support team. Leonas plays a crucial role in providing Bulk SMS Services in Delhi, Bulk SMS Services is one of the easiest ways to communicate with huge crowds to grow businesses by sending promotional SMS. Capital and Metropolitan cities like Delhi are one of the best places to use Bulk SMS Services to generate business leads and to interact with customers and communicate in a very feasible manner. For start-up companies or for young entrepreneurs Bulk SMS service is one of the best services for quick growth and helpful to build a strong company base, which is very important to start-ups at the beginning.

Why to choose Leonas It Solutions Private Limited for Bulk SMS Services in Delhi?

  • Leonas provides High Quality and has high Bandwidth routes, tied up with multiple operators directly.
  • Leonas don't compromise on service and support and provide 24x7 support and service. 
  • Leonas Provides RCA (Reason code acknowledgement) for each and every number.
  • Leonas provides all kinds of Http and Xml API (Bulk SMS API) which supports all software domains. 
  • So Leonas is one of the best Bulk SMS API providers in Delhi.
  • Provides customized API’s based on customer requirement.
  • If any issue arises in Bulk SMS Service our technical and support team will solve it within 1hour of time.

Why is Bulk SMS Services useful in every business?

The simple key point for every business to succeed is to stay in touch with their customers.

Every business needs some marketing, promotion or spreading of their projects or ideas into the people or customers.

In this case, bulk SMS will become the best source to reach out to the people or customers.

Leonas is one the Best Bulk SMS Service providers in Delhi, to promote and spread businesses in an easy and feasible way.

Leonas provides multiple options to send Bulk SMS like sending quick SMS, customized SMS and flash SMS, we can create groups and send SMS also we can customize SMS by uploading excel with different content and can send individual SMS to individual number.

Bulk SMS are generally used for intimations, alerts, remainders, promotions, marketing and billing.

In the present mobile based or technological era, people are communicating with each other with the help of messages either it may be a business promotion or marriage invitation or emergency intimation etc.

Even when the person is not available through phone call, SMS will reach the person to convey the message. SMS does not require any mobile data or net connection to get delivered to the given number. Hence we will have the assurance that the message got delivered to the specified number.

Here Leonas It Solutions Bulk SMS Service plays a very crucial role in providing high priority bulk SMS routes which delivery to customer handset within fraction of second. Leonas maintains very high bandwidth and distributes SMS to all networks within fraction of seconds. Due to these all reasons Leonas emerged as Number one Bulk SMS Service provider in Delhi and also a very good competitor in Bulk SMS Service in India.

Bulk SMS Services in Delhi
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