SMS Solutions

  • Bulk SMS

    1. Promotional SMS
      • API SMS
      • Scheduled SMS
      • Language SMS
      • Customized SMS

    Promotional SMS:

    These SMS are sent or delivered with the motto of promoting a product or services. These are likely to include sales Campaigns, Branding and Marketing. Promotional Bulk SMS can be sent only between 9AM to 9PM on any given day.This will not be delivered to DND numbers..

    1. Transactional SMS:
      • API SMS
      • Scheduled SMS
      • Language SMS
      • Customized SMS

      Transactional SMS:

      Transactional Bulk SMS may be termed as service messages too. This primarily includes alerts related to any financial transactions, Information about your product(Regardless any change or update). Educational (school/university) industries, Hospitality firm, Banking and many more organization can avail this service which contains only Information which helps their customers to follow instructions and benefit them.This can be send 24/7 , this will also be delivered to DND numbers

  • Two Way SMS

    1. Short Code
    2. Long Code(Virtual Mobile Number(VMN))

    Short Code :

    A Short Code enables you to offer a memorable 5 digit inbound text number which allows mobile users from all networks to contact you by SMS. Short Codes are ideal inbound SMS numbers for running marketing campaigns, information requests, competitions, voting and for providing direct response SMS auto-replies.

    Long Code(Virtual Mobile Number(VMN)):

    A virtual phone number is a secondary telephone number associated with a certain telephone unit, handset, or subscriber. It is not directly associated with a telephone line and is not the actual telephone number but rather one that is used for forwarding calls to a pre-set number. As a result, a subscriber does not need to purchase additional hardware, phones and lines in order to have multiple virtual telephone numbers.

  • VOICE Solutions

    1. Voice calls
      • Promotion
      • Transaction
      • Each and every voice call has 30 secs of time.After 30secs it is considered as 2nd credit. We do also have an option of retrying for multiple times.

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