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In today's modern world, we see so many technology developments in every sector and companies always have a wish to stay connected with the updated things and capture more customers. In the business where marketing is essential, business owners are moving forward to opt-in API SMS services to run their marketing campaigns when needed.

SMS marketing has become a very prominent tool only because of quality conversion of customers. But when we talk about the new technology in the SMS industry, API SMS is the new term. Thus, after making a lot of research, some top gateway providers like Leonas now enabled to provide API SMS Services that are easy to be integrated into any software or website.

How API SMS Services are useful for Brands?

  • API SMS can be used to send a high volume of text messages and campaigns to customers right from the you own software application.

  • SMS API works like magic tools where no phone calls or appointment reminders are needed and ensures that your information through SMS will be delivered completely to your targeted audience.

  • It saves users lot of time and effort than sending billions of messages from the provider interface.

  • SMS Services is totally affordable and also a time-consuming and money-saving method for small & big industrial clients.

  • With the advent of SMS gateway APIs, the companies not only benefit from sending messages but, they will get an instant delivery report on their system.


Some of the key features of Leonas API SMS gateway:

  • Company Name Custom Sender ID

  • Incoming long numbers

  • Send long SMS Messages to customers

  • Instant delivery reports

  • Quick messaging to individuals and groups

  • 2-way campaigning

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