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Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

DLT Registration Process

As per TRAI (TCCCPR 2018) rules every entity need to complete DLT Registration or Entity KYC in order to use SMS Service. Entity Registration – Sender Id Registration – Template Registration is mandatory then only Entities can send SMS.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a block-chain based registration system. It is implemented by TRAI in order to stop Spam SMS and to control hacking. So Entities who want to send sms need to register under DLT with proper documents.

DLT Registration process steps as follows:

Step1: DLT Registration
Step2: Header /Sender ID Registration

Headers are of 2 types other and Promotional Headers.

Other: This comes under Service – Implicit or Explicit (Header need to match with entity name)

Promotion: This Comes under Promotion headers with numeric ids, depends on category header starts with number 0 – 9.

  • Create sender ids and take approval from operator.

  • Transactional: Should be exactly 6 character/alphabets.

  • Promotional: Should be exact 6 numbers / numeric.

Step3: Template Registration

Templates are of two types Content and Consent.

Content Template can be Service or Promotional, consent template is different from content template where for sending Service explicit and promotion SMS customer consent is required only for data with customer consent these kind of sms can be sent.

Here Content approval can be taken under Service Implicit or Explicit or Promotion type.

Service Implicit: Under this transaction type content like OTP’s, alerts, notifications, mandatory SMS etc, such kind of SMS can be taken approval under Implicit.

Service Explicit: Under this we need to take consent approval and then content approval and also SMS can be sent to customers whoever provided consent to get all kind of SMS from particular entity with customer acceptance like new product or service or due payment reminders  etc,..

Promotional: Promotion SMS can be sent same as Service explicit but SMS gets delivered to Non DND numbers only and with numeric sender id only, here operators doesn’t provide dlr reports and these kind of SMS will work in between 9AM – 9PM only.

  • Templates are of two types - Fixed and Dynamic.
  • Variables can be added in Dynamic template (Variable length is up to 30 Characters).
  • The templates which are registered/approved on the DLT platform should have Brand name/entity name/trade name.
  • Templates without any of this information will be considered invalid and will get rejected.


  • Link Sender id to template while creating.
  • For Regional language template - Copy & Paste the content.
  • For next line type: \n


  • Don’t use double space while creating template.
  • Do not edit variable, once selected


  • After approval - Make sure your Entity id / Sender id / Templates are uploaded properly in SMS Application.

Test before sending SMS to customers.

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