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Leonas IT Solutions provides short code & Long Code services for making customer business user friendly and feasible, where customer can fetch pre-stored data from online servers and making two way communication easy i.e data can be posted and retrieved from the online servers.

Short Codes are virtual numbers that can be used to address SMS messages.Generally short code consists of short number ex: 56070.Here we can assign a Keyword & Sub keyword to short code inorder to fetch the data Ex: SMS KEYWORD SUBKEYWORD to 56070. Same as Long Code will be quite similar to short code but the VMN will be 10 digits Ex: SMS KEYWORD SUBKEYWORD to 8712372751 & also charges will be higher for Short Code compared with Long Code.

Short codes & Long Codes are widely used for value-added services such as charity donations, mobile services, ordering ringtones, Lead Generation and television program voting. All this information can be stored & tracked in online application along with customer number & feedback.

Features of Short & Long Code services

  • Online Portal for tracking feedback data

  • Filters to fetch data date wise & keyword wise

  • URL Forwarding can be integrated to customer application for tracking leads

  • Automatic replies can be integrated for customer feedbacks

  • Download option to track customer’s feedback

  • Servers will be live 24/7

  • For cloud based VMN Only maintenance charges are applicable, no extra charge for setup

  • Chargeable for dedicated VMN setup

  • Keywords &Sub keywords can be integrated to particular VMN as per customer business standards.

  • Technical Support will be 24/7

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